Tiny Treks

Your standard entry level dog walk that’s great for little dogs with energy levels to match. Some small dogs just can’t manage hills and obstacles that large dogs find easy, so this option is ideal for little dogs who prefer small, easy walks along a level surface. Tiny Treks is also a great starter option for new adventure clients – the perfect introduction to Small Paws Outdoors.

Suitable for: Small senior dogs and toy dogs with little energy.

Do you have a small dog with lower energy levels?

Tiny Treks is the smallest adventure available at Small Paws Outdoors and is much shorter in length than my other walks. I choose the location based on your dog’s ability, which makes it ideal for little dogs who can’t manage long walks in the countryside.

If you have a small dog who needs daily exercise but can’t walk very far, this adventure is the perfect choice. A trip to one of the local country parks or nature trails keeps us on the flat so we can still have some fun without needing to use too much energy.

This adventure is ideal for small dogs with health issues or for those who struggle to walk long distances. However, it’s also a great choice if you’re new to Small Paws Outdoors and would like your dog to begin with an ‘entry-level’ adventure to see what it’s all about.

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