Backpack Adventures

A tailored 1-2-1 walk designed specifically with your little dog’s needs in mind. Whether your dog is suffering with a specific health condition, is disabled or is ultra delicate and can’t manage a normal walk, this exclusive new service gives your dog the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors where otherwise it may not be an option. Tried and tested on my own dog – and he loves it!

Suitable for: Small dogs with health conditions.

The perfect adventure for small dogs with health conditions

Does your little dog have a ruptured cruciate and currently on crate rest? Perhaps your Chihuahua suffers with a luxating patella and can only walk in short spurts. Or do you have a small dog who’s blind and struggles to walk? My new and exclusive Backpack Adventures are the ideal choice for small dogs with health conditions.

Your cuddly canine shouldn’t need to miss out on vital exercise due to poor health. And you no longer need to feel guilty about leaving your precious pooch indoors all day. With my Backpack Adventures, there’s really no need for your small dog to be excluded from spending time outdoors if it will help them with their recovery.

My own little dog suffers with a chronic respiratory illness and has previously had a ruptured cruciate that required crate rest. Therefore, I completely understand how difficult it is to get your dog out in the fresh air for adequate exercise that’s not too strenuous.

New and exclusive Backpack Adventures

I’ve invested in a doggy backpack which means I can now take your small dog out comfortably in the backpack and provide just the right amount of exercise that’s adequate for his/her condition.

Before I had the backpack, my Pom often had to stay indoors and missed out on experiencing the countryside, smelling the fresh air and other scents our dogs naturally want to investigate, as well as the walks he could manage.

One day I was out walking with my dog when a lovely lady asked me about the doggy rucksack. She has a blind miniature dachshund and he was missing out on walks because he wasn’t steady on his feet. I realised then that my Pom isn’t the only little dog with health issues that prevent him from enjoying full walking adventures.

Ever since I gave my Pom this new lease of life, he’s been a much happier little dog; so I thought to myself, why not offer this service to others experiencing the same issues.

It’s hard work carrying a few kg on my back, but it’s so worth it to see my little dog’s face light up every time we go out. It also means he can experience walks in the Winchester hills – something he would never have been able to manage without me carrying him up the steep incline.

You can’t miss me – so if you see us out and about, please do stop me for a chat to find out more.

If you have a small dog that struggles to walk due to poor health, I can help bring excitement to his or her day and you can go out guilt free, knowing your dog isn’t missing out.

Whether it’s once a week, once a fortnight, or once a month, my Backpack Adventures will give your dog a new lease of life.

A one-to-one health-focused adventure for your small dog

This adventure is only available on a one-to-one basis and each outing is tailored to the specific needs of your dog, based on your vet’s advice. When you first make an enquiry, I will discuss your dog’s health condition with you and the required amount of exercise. That way I can tailor the adventure to your dog’s specific needs.

If your dog can only manage 5-10 minutes of walking at any one time, then I will carry your dog in my backpack to a suitable location, let your pooch out to do his/her business and have some gentle fun. Then we can continue with the backpack to our next stop before letting your dog out for some more gentle exercise.

On the Backpack Adventure, I continually monitor your dog so if I see any signs of struggling, I have the doggy backpack at the ready.

Enquire now to find out more.

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