Owning a puppy

Owning a puppy

As the owner of a rescue, it pains me that I didn’t have the opportunity to socialise my dog as a puppy. I often wonder what his life was like before I knew him and whether his beginnings have contributed to his current illness.

I’ve been told that he was born in Thailand, taken to Dubai where he wasn’t wanted and then handed over to a couple who took him on as their pet when their son travelled home to South Africa. They relocated to Oman and lived in a large apartment directly below my husband who was working over there on a short-term contract.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I thank my lucky stars that our paths crossed one day and I was in a position to adopt my Pomeranian when his previous owners no longer wanted him on their own return to South Africa.

The thing with rescues is you don’t always know their history. Did they come from a puppy farm or a reputable breeder? How were they treated? With love and kindness or as an object with no feelings? Did they have health checkups, were they vaccinated, dewormed, what were they fed? Were they abused or left starving hungry? So many questions that it doesn’t bear thinking about. It’s heartbreaking.

However, with all that considered, I wouldn’t change a thing. To know you’ve given an animal a second chance to live a life full of love and kindness is the best feeling in the world. Especially when there are so many unfortunate dogs in need of rescue through no fault of their own.

As much as I advocate rescue, it’s not for everyone and so it’s understandable that some people are weary about it and prefer to go down the route of dog ownership through reputable breeders. Or quite simply, they are keen to have a puppy so they will benefit from knowing their dog’s history and also experience watching the puppy learn, develop and grow into a fully grown adult.

If you are lucky enough to become the owner of a puppy, one of the most important things you can do is introduce them to the world through socialisation. You can give them the best start in life by teaching them to become confident in their surroundings and exposing them to new experiences through positive reinforcement.

New places and different surface textures, strange noises and other people and animals are just some of the things we might take for granted but can be overwhelming for a puppy, so it’s vital these are introduced as positive experiences  during your puppy’s development stages.

If you need some help with training or walking and socialisation, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can recommend a reputable, fully qualified dog trainer who is local to Winchester and Southampton, and I also offer exclusive puppy adventures at a discounted rate to my other services.

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