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The benefits of a Small Paws Outdoors walking adventure

Are you worried about your small dog being walked with larger breeds? Or do you get frustrated when people try to stroke your dog without asking? Maybe your small dog gets easily distracted, has awful recall or is so small that you’re frightened they’ll get lost.

You may have any number of concerns when it comes to your dog, which is only natural and completely understandable. Small dogs are a lot more vulnerable than larger breeds: they’re more delicate, they don’t have the same energy levels and endurance that big dogs have, and some are so tiny, they can easily get trodden on or find themselves getting lost.

On a Small Paws Outdoors adventure, only small and toy breeds are grouped together, so you can rest assured your dog is being walked at a suitable pace. I always walk a maximum of four small dogs of a similar ability at any one time. By limiting my group size, I’m able to give them my full attention so your dog can spend the time enjoying the outdoors.

Before every walk, I carry out an assessment of the location to ensure the area is appropriate for our adventure. If there are too many people, distractions or animals, I’ll simply choose another location.

I spend time incorporating games and basic training into every walk to keep your dog’s attention focused on me. This helps to improve your dog’s recall, whilst encouraging skills such as sits, waits and stays.

When your dog first joins Small Paws Outdoors, the first walk is carried out on a one-to-one trial basis so I can conduct a simple audit. This enables me to determine your dog’s pace, recall ability, behaviour and suitability for our group adventures.

If your dog takes longer to assess, I will extend the trial until I’m satisfied your dog is ready to walk in a group.

Once the trial period is complete, your dog’s specific needs will be matched to other dogs in the group to ensure suitability.

If I feel your dog isn’t suitable for group walking, I will explain the reasons why and discuss one-to-one options that will be available to you going forward.

There are three different dog walking adventures for you to choose from that all offer the same amazing benefits. Each package has been tailored to your dog’s needs and varies in length and location to ensure there’s an adventure to be had, whatever your dog’s ability.

Each adventure offers the following benefits:

Is your little dog ready for an adventure?

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My story

As a small dog owner myself, I can relate to all your concerns. I’ve been through things no pet owner wants to experience and come out the other side. Read how I travelled 28 hours halfway across the world to bring my little dog home with me.

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Why I’m not your average dog walker and how I relieve you from your fears and anxiety as a small dog specialist.

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