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About Small Paws Outdoors

If you’re looking to discover more about Small Paws Outdoors, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can read the story behind the business and how it led to the creation of specialist dog walking adventures for small and toy breed dogs in Southampton and Winchester.

The face behind the name

Dog walking in Southampton and Winchester

Hi there, I’m Andrea and the founder of Small Paws Outdoors. Before we dive in, here is a little bit about me.

First and foremost, my Pomeranian is at the heart of everything I stand for and is the sole inspiration behind the business. I’ve had pets all my life and as a small dog owner, I can fully relate to the feelings you experience when searching for the best care for your pet. I’ve had to overcome many obstacles to get where I am today and, after a whirlwind few months spent living in Oman and adopting my Pom, I decided to use my own personal experiences to help other small dog owners in Southampton and Winchester.

The motivation behind Small Paws Outdoors

Animals are my world. Passionate and devoted, my ultimate aim is to become the ‘go-to’ person who gives animals a voice through empathy and compassion. My specialism is small dogs. I am a small dog owner myself, so I have the knowledge and experience that comes with responsible pet ownership and can identify with the worries and fears that are felt by other small dog owners.

I set up my business so I can address your concerns and take the time to really understand the specific needs of your pet. Whilst you may recognise particular traits in every breed, no two dogs are the same. They are all indviduals based on genetics, upbringing, health, surroundings and other factors. As such, my dog walking adventures are tailored to your pet to provide them with high-quality, valuable exercise that focuses on their own particular abilities. It’s not easy placing your trust in other people, especially when they don’t listen to you or what your dog needs. I can identify with this because I regularly find myself in the same boat and recognise how frustrating it feels when others don’t listen or respect your wishes, which can often make you feel emotional and agitated. That’s why I always take the time to listen to any specific concerns you may have. At Small Paws Outdoors, there are four levels of adventure to choose from and they are only open to little dogs. With just four spaces allocated on each walk, I spend the time really focusing my attention on making sure they are receiving the most suitable exercise for them.

Unlike other dog walking services, my adventures are more than a walk in the park. I ensure the dogs are placed in small groups with other dogs of similar abilities and we explore the outdoors in a variety of locations, from rolling hills and adventure parks to beaches and trails. My adventures are so unique that, through personal experience with my Pomeranian, I now also provide a specialised service for small and toy breeds with health issues. If your dog is disabled or has an ailment that prevents them from going out with other dog walkers, my Backpack Adventures opens up a world of opportunity for your dog to carry on enjoying the outdoors, instead of being cooped up inside. Small dog owners won’t find this adventure anywhere else.

If you’re looking for a friendly and reliable dog walker who really cares about the specific needs of your pets, try an adventure with Small Paws Outdoors. I would love to help you feel more organised so you can spend your day free of stress and anxiety, whilst still enjoying the benefits of dog ownership. My ultimate desire is to care for your dog so you can have the peace of mind to feel guilt free as you put your feet up at the end of a hard day at work or home, knowing your beloved pet has truly benefited from the time spent outside.

Read on to discover more of my story – from travelling thousands of miles to bring my Pom home to the UK in order to give him a better quality of life to managing his respiratory illness on a daily basis.

About Small Paws Outdoors | My story

My story

As a small dog owner myself, I can relate to all your concerns. I’ve been through things no pet owner wants to experience and come out the other side. Read how I travelled 28 hours halfway across the world to bring my little dog home with me.

How I can help

I know how tough it can be when trying to find the best care for your dog. Here I explain what goes on behind the scenes on all my dog walking adventures, so you can decide if my services are the right choice for you.

Helping you with your small dog
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